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Although it seems an oxymoron, the free casino is a reality thanks to a little help from our old friend the Internet. Allow me to explain: although the concept of free gambling is paradoxical (i.e. makes no freakin' sense), the whole idea of getting something for nothing is what half of the Internet is built on. Originally of course the idea was to get information for nothing, which changed a little as the word 'information' came to mean more than just text, but also graphics and sound. With that evolution, information came simply to mean the ones and zeros being transferred, and small computer games were soon being transferred like wildfire. Ever since we have had computers luxurious enough to have games developed for them, we have had casino games to mess with.

One step in evolution is followed by the next, and pretty soon electronic Internet fund transfers gained some security. With this advancement online casino gambling stepped up to bat, and has been playing a pretty good game ever since. One aspect of the 'free casino' was established at this point in time, when the online casinos realized that if they offered free versions of each game, they would be able to produce more real players, and hence more profit. The free play I'm talking about here isn't this though, it's the other development that took place. While online casinos were flourishing, many a site was built to provide these casinos with players. These sites have recently expanded to offer great free games, and some have even gone so far as to give things away for free, just for playing.

This is the free casino scene I'm really talking about. You can find sites now that offer free casino games, for real prizes! You literally get to play with 'fake credits', win or lose them in free casino games, and with your winnings either trade in for prizes or real casino credits, or enter to win big expensive prizes. One prominent site on the Internet offering just this thing is, where you collect Bambles (their 'free credits') for playing.